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Tor Browser Download Latest Version for Windows – Tor Browser lets you prohibit scripts worldwide for improved privacy. This feature could be turned off overly briefly or indefinitely, but is regarded as risky. You can use a brand new identity while using the browser and may use an entirely new circuit for any page. It’s possible to configure system settings also. Every time a brand new update is available, it allows you to know about it.

Tor Browser
Tor Browser


Tor Browser is a secure online browser which keeps your search history protected and doesn’t send reports to browser publisher, ISP or sites. It is possible to browse the web as an anonymous user. It’s based on Firefox browser. Also, it conserves your system from online threats and malware which could attack as you’re visiting possibly bad sites. It’s a little browser which needs fewer system resources and consequently doesn’t reduce the rate and operation of your computer. You may download the most recent version 8 of the browser at no cost.

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Tor Browser screenshot

Tor Browser Origin of Name:

The title is retained since it operates by bouncing traffic across various layers of dispersed servers and hence maintaining the physical location of consumers confidential. Additionally, it supplies various proxy tunnels from where you can select any digital place from the entire map for obtaining the sites which are blocked on your region.

Tor Browser Features:

Tor-Browser is the ideal option if you’re fed from those sites which monitor where you are in your visit. It permits you to turn on anonymity manner when you would like to search confidential articles, but it uses the usual method of surfing. Additionally, it conserves your system from unwanted dangers that the consumers face when they use the net. It retains check on your internet actions for repelling the attacks of hackers or malware. It’s a portable browser which you may carry on your USB or other mobile devices and use them on almost any platform.

Some significant groups use this browser for making sure their privacy. It permits you to share information online with other users in a secure manner and prevents third-party consumers to access content that is private. It’s a straightforward interface with numerous choices and attributes.

Tor Browser Interface:

Once Tor-browser has been set up you can immediately get linked to TOR network or configure it with your net connection if it’s censored. You may open multiple tabs and windows while utilizing it. It is possible to bookmark, print or save your favorite web pages, assess the background, locate any phrase in the present webpage, handle add-ons, open internet developer tools, disable or enable HTTPS everywhere attribute and visit Options for innovative capabilities. It’s possible to customize the design of applications at almost any available way.

Tor Browser Service :

Tor-Browser is compatible with various versions of Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. For Windows, it requires XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10 versions. The size of applications is about 42 MB. You have to include greater than 70 MB of the free disc for allowing it to execute the tasks efficiently with no delay. The browser supports several languages such as using it and for surfing online.

Tor Browser Download Latest Version for Windows


Size: 54.8 MB

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