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Download Skype Latest Version For Windows, Mac & Linux – Skype is a favorite VoIP client for phone conversations over the Internet. In addition to telephone calls to other Skypers, calls to the fixed and mobile networks are also possible. Also, functions such as video telephony, messengers, conferences and file transfers are available to users. Installing and operating the client, which is available free of charge for Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices, is relatively straightforward: Once installed on the computer, a free Skype account or, optionally, a Microsoft account must first be set up Be. This profile can be customized on request with personal information such as mail address, date of birth and photo. After successfully logging in, the “Contacts”-> “Add Contact” menu item allows other users to be searched for in the Skype user directory or individual phone numbers can be stored to add new Skype contacts to the personal contact list – and It can get going.




Calls, video, chat & data transfer

After a double click on a Skype contact, a menu window opens in which all functions such as call, video call, start the conference, send chat message SMS or start file transfer are available. The voice and image quality of calls and video phone calls can be convincing. NAT routers, firewalls, and even slower connections are usually not problems.

The call functions are now quite extensive: In addition to Skype calls and conversations to the fixed and mobile networks, group calls of up to 25 subscribers, foreign calls, call number display and call redirects to, for example, the Personal mobile phone possible. Also, a fixed Skype phone number can be set up, through which you can take calls worldwide via Skype. Skype internal calls are free internationally – appeals to the fixed or mobile networks require Skype credit (so-called Skype credits), which can be quickly charged via the Skype website. There are various payment options for this, such as credit card payment or payment via PayPal.

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Skype Latest Version
Skype Latest Version

Video calls in HD

In addition to PC and smartphone, video calls are also possible via the Xbox and PlayStation consoles. The video image is initially displayed embedded in the main window, but can also be presented as a full screen as an option. Since version 5.8, video telephony has even been supported up to 1080p, but Skype needs to run on a PC with a multi-core processor. Also, at least 380KBit/s should be available for upstream and downstream – on both computers and in both directions. For example, with multiple file transfers and an additional download in a browser, there may be errors in video conversations.

The chat window is also integrated into the main window. If you write a text in the text box at the bottom, you can send it as a chat message or as a text message (requires Skype credit), provided that the recipient has deposited a phone number or Skype number. There are also some emojis available for chatting by default.

Skype for Web directly in the browser

In the meantime, Skype for Web also offers a Skype variant for the browser without installing additional plug-ins. At first, however, only chats and Skype conversations and no calls to the classic mobile phone or landline are possible. Practical: Calls can also be made directly from Office Online, OneDrive, and On the manufacturer’s page, however, the in-house browser Edge, which at least needs Windows 10.0.10586 or higher for the service, is mentioned as a prerequisite – in our experiment, however, it also worked out with Firefox version 45.0.2 on Windows 7 Pro. According to a blog post, Skype developers are working on versions for more browsers and systems.

Download Skype Latest Version


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