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Download iTunes Latest Version for Windows & Mac – Itunes If you want to listen to music with Apple devices, you can hardly get around iTunes. In the store, however, the media library not only offers content of the form of music, video, TV programme, podcast, and audiobook but also manages the created media and music collection. As Apple is usually required, an Apple ID is the kind needed for the iCloud.




Itunes Listen to music and watch videos

In addition to managing, playing and downloading music tracks, the iTunes app provides direct access to the in-house music streaming service Apple Music. The streams for Apple Music are divided into genres that include Dance, Latin Pop, R & B, Deutschpop and Chill, among others. This will be complemented by internet radio stations such as Apple Beats 1, Deutschlandfunk and BBC World Service.

Right after installation, iTunes offers ready-made playlists for music, videos, audiobooks, podcasts and TV shows that can be expanded to include their own. They are empty at the beginning and are gradually filled with their media and music collection. The content can be obtained from the Apple Store or by importing audio CDs.

Through synchronization, the media in your collection can be played not only on an iOS device but also on other Apple devices. For example, you can listen to music on the sofa on Apple TV in the evening and on the go via the Apple Watch if you have Bluetooth headphones that support the Apple Watch.

Shop at the iTunes Store

One idea for Apple’s huge success was alongside the store’s iPod development to legally acquire music. The iTunes Store offers music, movies, podcasts, audiobooks, and TV shows. The prerequisite is an Apple ID to receive the paid or free media. You can then see and hear them on the Mac or an iOS device. The purchase requires an account and is possible via vouchers. A free trial subscription can also be used for the first three months.

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iTunes Latest Version
iTunes Latest Version

The paid offer is supplemented by freeware content. In the podcast, in particular, there are free subscriptions of public service broadcasting that can be added to the media library. For example, Deutsche Welle offers videos in English and Time online as well as Spiegel Online provides free audio podcasts.

No App Store on desktop

With version 12.7, there is a fundamental change to iTunes for macOS and Windows. The once included app store for iOS apps eliminates the need to secure essential apps. The installation of iOS apps is only possible via the iTunes app on the iOS device such as iPhone and iPad itself.

Download iTunes Latest Version


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